Strength through Partnership

City Holdings partners with some of the world’s largest companies.

Our business model is unique, and is driven by sophisticated, world class management information systems. Our technologies, combined with City’s professional human resource capabilities, and engineering expertise, facilitate the delivery of turnkey solutions that include complete life cycle cost asset management; an approach that is central to the provision of cost-effective and efficient FM services.

Learn about the benefits of Partnering with City

True FM Partnership

  • We align our significant FM experience with the strategic business objectives of our partner.
  • We seek to adopt our partner’s ethos and values, while working collaboratively to achieve common objectives.
  • The highest levels of services are delivered within jointly agreed budgets.
  • Successful delivery is measured against mutually established and challenging KPIs.

Benefit: Your maintenance and energy team, retain complete control over service delivery model benefiting directly from the cost and service efficiencies.

Comprehensive Services

  • All technical maintenance, engineering, technical contact centre and cleaning & ancillary services are provided.
  • Where commercially viable, services are delivered through directly employed dedicated resources.
  • Maximum utilisation is achieved through City’s extensive and well documented approach to multi-skilling.
  • Services are uniquely tailored to meet the challenging demands of multi-site retailers.

Benefit: Services will be delivered comprehensively – with no exclusions. City is responsible for all directly delivered and subcontracted services offering complete accountability.

Agreed Management Fee

  • City agrees a flat management fee with our partners for the delivery of all required services.
  • A turnover rebate is negotiable on additional spend which results from the expansion of services provided.
  • This approach ensures that the partnership is exclusively focussed on excellent service delivery without the distraction of “bottom line” management.

Benefit: You will have absolute confidence that there will be no maintenance overspend – total cost certainty.

Financial Transparency

  • Partnerships are operated on “open book” principles.
  • The partner has immediate electronic access to all elements of cost.
  • The partner has the option of placing their own senior finance officer into the operation.

Benefit: You will understand the “real” cost of maintenance leading to an informed decision making process when setting annual budgets and categorisation of spend

Honesty and Trust

  • Partnership is based on honesty and trust.
  • We do what we say - Fully comprehensive means absolutely no exclusions.
  • We rely on an open and transparent relationship.