City Facilities Management (UK) Limited

ASDA's partnership with City Facilities Management (UK) Limited (CFM-UK) demonstrates the best example of controlled outsourcing in the Facilities Management sector today.

This unique partnership was conceived in 1995 when ASDA's Building Services Department undertook an in depth study examining how maintenance was being delivered to ASDA Stores. After a trial period involving 5 FM providers it became clear that CFM-UK were by far the best in terms of providing service, controlling costs and working in partnership with ASDA.

CFM-UK is a "ring fenced" company providing services exclusively to ASDA. This means that CFM-UK and its colleagues do not work for any other clients and are therefore completely focussed on providing service excellence to ASDA.

CFM-UK shares ASDA's culture and values, providing greater insight into ASDA's needs and allowing strategic alignment of services and a better working relationship between ASDA and CFM-UK colleagues.

CFM-UK is effectively an extension of the ASDA business and is a true controlled outsourced partner and one stop shop. All services are tailored to ASDA's specific requirements because they are set and defined in conjunction with ASDA with City retaining complete accountability. The term used to define City's accountability for all services provided in stores is that it is "City's name above the door" for Cleaning and Maintenance standards.

The dedicated nature of colleagues working in CFM-UK brings operational benefits and certainty to ASDA as resource and service levels are guaranteed and not subject to competition on the open market for engineering resource.

Before CFM-UK took over only 40% of Asda Store Managers approved of the service they were receiving. Today that figure is over 90%.

We are now using the knowledge and experience we have gained over the last 17 years to create a very distinct and market leading contact centre service.

This is best demonstrated through a recently created consumer facing contact centre service specifically designed for ASDA. This centre provides assistance to ASDA customers who have purchased electrical goods and who require technical support with the setup and operation of their equipment.

Services Offered

The core services offered to ASDA through this partnership are as follows: